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Infants and Children's Mental Health

Infant’s and toddlers in counseling?
Babies have it easy, what on earth could they need therapeutic services for?
Infant mental health refers to the social-emotional well-being of children between the ages of 0 to 5. Developmentally, a child between the ages 0 to 5 is said to be experiencing rapid brain development thus learning and absorbing from what their environment has to offer them. Young children function in the context of family and other relationships. Providing them with a environment that is safe and nurturing makes a significant difference. When the needs of young child is unmet, they usually are not able to communicate with words but displays it thought their behavior. Common early warning signs of mental health problems in infants and young children include:

Anger/ Irritability
Excessive crying and worrying
Difficulty following directions
Trouble Sleep
Difficulty socializing
Not achieving developmental milestones
Difficulty adapting to change

A child that displays any of the above or similar behaviors, is crying out for help through their behavior to their special caregivers. Through assessment, parental education/training, attachment-relationship based counseling and much more, Therapeutically Beautiful will help you learn and explore tools that you can use to help your child. Early childhood prevention and intervention services can have a significantly positive impact on you infant and/or young child’s future. 

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