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From: Therapeutically Beautiful LLC

We all have a moment where we sat and pondered….

What is wrong with my…..?

If only….then….

I should have……

Life would be better if only…..

The endless “what if’s” and “if only” narratives that we mentally create and start to live by that eventually cause us or a loved one to spiral out of control.

Whether you are a parent exhausted by parenting or a single individual anxious by what is next to come or depressed by the thought of not doing enough.

If you’re able to instantly fill in the blanks to any of these statements or resonate with any of these feelings, then you are ready to go onto the next level of mental care:

Finding Beauty Amidst the Chaos.

Let go of the “if only” narrative and let’s celebrate your willingness to grow into a more resilient you.

Reach out to Therapeutically Beautiful LLC today to start learning how to reframe your thoughts about your life narratives and learn to grow through what you go through.

About Alicia-Ann Samuel, LMHC, NCC

A mother, educator, counselor, a lifelong student. Alicia-Ann Samuel, LMHC, NCC, owner of Therapeutically Beautiful LLC is the lead therapist with over 7+ years of professional experience in the field of mental health. She is dedicated to helping you find the beauty amidst your chaos.

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