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Holistic Joy for Thriving Little Minds

Nurture resilience and promote early childhood mental health with Grounded Giggles. An expert-curated program that plants elements of joy, such as dance, singing, laughter, and play, along with mindfulness practices, such as yoga and breathing exercises, promote overall wellness for thriving little minds. 

What does the GroundedGiggles program consist of?

Grounded Giggles was founded and led by Therapeutically Beautiful LLC's owner, Alicia-Ann Samuel, Doc A', an endorsed Infant Mental HealthSpecialist, certified Zumbini instructor, trained professional of Yogapalooza and a mother of two. Doc A combines the musically playful elements of Zumbini with the grounding practices of Yogapalooza to help mental health promotion in little minds. 

Nurture a joyous environment for Tiny Minds to become Therapeutically Beautiful!

"Finding joy within and giving joy to everyone around is the foundation that is needed for ultimate wellbeing" - Sadhguru

Our Mission

Fostering infant and early childhood holistic wellness by spreading joy through playing, laughing, singing and dance.